Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A wee bit of information

After reading some of your comments, I thought I would add a little bit of information as well; I hope it is helpful. :)

These designs are all inspired by The Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien--to be more specific, the books. There is a lot in the books that (obviously) was too much to be included in the movies- which means there are some design details that are book specific. But not so much that those who have seen the movie but not read the books will be confused.

There is so much material there for inspiration, that I am overwhelmed with ideas! From the places to the people to the people groups...there's just so much I could do with all that! I am working to make sure my designs will have "something for everyone"--not every design; but in the variety of designs and techniques used. You will not get bored working the same basic style with each sock in this club!

As to price- it may seem like a lot up front, but I think if you comparison shopped, you would find it quite reasonable. You have to figure that you would pay for a pattern, then pay for the yarn for the pattern (and in this case you are getting top quality yarn in amazing colors--really it's not expensive for what you're getting!), and then figure shipping.....times that by 6- it's a good deal. ;)


People have asked for hints about designs and colors. I don't want to give much away, but will say that all the colors and designs are inspired by the novels. Some of the socks are inspired by particular locations in the world of the LotR. Others are inspired by people or groups of people. Without giving too much away, I think I can say that the colors are unlikely to be offensive to anyone; i.e. they aren't garish and don't scream out "male" or "female". Some of them are subtle handpainted semi-solids, others are variegated. Techniques used in the socks vary quite a bit, too. There are cables, lace and colorwork. Some patterns are more complicated than others, but the great thing about a club is that if you take on a more challenging pattern with new techniques you have a huge group of knitters plus the designer herself to help you! Lets see, what else can I tell you. All the patterns are being written for lots of different sizes-- from huge US size 14 men's feet to dainty little ladies size 6. If you have larger feet (i.e. you tend to use more than 100g for a pair of socks), please make sure to sign up for the "Big Foot" addition. That way we will know to send you extra yardage.

I'm just the dyer, though- I'll have LoBug, the designer, post about her sources of inspiration too!

Monday, August 4, 2008


Welcome to the home of the Lord of the Strings Sock Club sponsored by The Unique Sheep and Lobug Designs. Sign ups are now open!