Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Contest!

Now that nearly all of the packages have been received and many socks are already on the needles, I thought it would be fun to have a little contest to keep us entertained until the excitement of the April shipment.

We will start with an easy contest so that no one should have any excuse not to enter. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post with your best Hobbit name or Elf name. These have to be names of your own creation, not ones taken from the books.

You have until March 9th to enter. On March 10th we will randomly select a winner from among the entries.

The winner will win a free skein of yarn in one of our non-club Lord of the Rings inspired colorways!


nanni said...

I went to one of those silly websites that generates names and it said my hobbit name was "Belladonna Maggot." Seriously... Maggot? Gosh.

knitwick said...

I like the Hobbit name Carn Featherwich...

Luinwen said...

I am using an Elvish name as my nick around the internet (not always, but mostly). The name is: LUINWEN and has the following meaning in Sindarin:

LUIN means blue (like Ered Luin, the blue mountains) and
WEN means woman (like in Arwen, noble woman)

I have blue eyes, so I took that name (as I couldn't find a Sindarin word for eye).

jaia said...

I'm partial to Fernswarthy Wetherwort, often called Worty. I think he'd been called that by his childhood friends and it stuck.

Pamela said...

I found mine to be FLora Foxburr of Fair Downs. I kinda like that. Flora Foxburr.Yep, definitely a hobbitish name

Carolyn Arnold said...

hee! Love the contest idea!

Vanadesse Celebrindal

Its a mashup of 2 different sites translations for my name

kiwigirl71 said...

My elvish name is Isilindil, which means lily of the moon or moon flower in Quenya. I've been using this name for years and I created it when I first started role playing. It took me weeks until I "found" my name.

Annette (Gil-Estel) said...

I have been using Gil-Estel which means star of hope for years.

Orghlaith said...

Hobbit Name: Curly Barebottom
Elven Name: Maglor Sîrfalas

Steph said...

My hobbit name is Ivy Bumbleroot.

My Elvish name is Alasse Arnatuile.

OhSusannah said...

I too succumbed to the Name Generator - I'm Ivy Underhill of Frogmorton, at your service.

McKnitgirl said...

My hobbit name would be:

Orangeblossom Deepdelver

My elvish name would be:

Alassea Narmolanya

TinkingBell said...

Hobbity Name
Knitwych Sheepsbottom of Lambdale Close, thankee muchly,

Elvish Name

Malabriel Merinwen

Sounds very elvish but is in fact rather sheepish!

jo said...

Elf: Thorngar

Hobbit: Gerfnarbler

blopeep said...

Hobbit name: Mungo Danderfluff

Heh. Mungo knit sock. Mungo knit good. :-)

Anne said...

Fun idea, Laura!

If I was a hobbit, I think I'd like to be Brandywine Happyfeet!

The sad (?) thing is I actually HAVE given an elvish name to my horse. It translates out as "Little Man". And he is little...More like Sam the Pony, I think. :D

Leigh said...

Hobbit: Lily Gamwich of the Bree Gamwiches

Elven: Uruviel Táralóm

I was trying to make up my own Hobbit name, and of course everything I came up with on my own sounded ridiculous...

kimberly said...

My hobbit name shall be Lila Danderfluff; it sounds vaguely like something I could spin, right?

Janette said...

I made my own up because I didn't like what the generator gave me.

Cuana Featherleaf is mine
Generator gave me Dimple Moss. What is that!

Lovs2Knit said...

I liked my hobbit name from the one of the generators so I'm going with it: Flora Millstone of Bywater.

Astrid said...

they call me... Daisy Featherbottom! (And I've no idea why, except it was the first name to pop in my head when I read this post)


Anonymous said...

I used one of the websites that gives you your elvish and hobbit names and this is what I got.

Hobbit name: Ivy Bracegridle of Hardbottle

Elvish name: Luthien Surion

Lallison79 said...

So I gave in and decided to find out my names.

Elvish: Celebriän Faelivrin
Hobbit: Orangeblossom Proudfoot of Standelf

Sara said...

My hobbit name is Ruby Peatfingers and my elvish name is Merenwen Elendil. I much prefer the Elven name :)

Ivy Reisner said...

Hobbit name:

Cora Knotwise of Whitfurrows

Yep, I used the generator and got "knotwise" in my name.

I love how many Ivys the generator is coming up with, being a real live Ivy and all, so I'll say my elvish name is "Ivy Juneberry" (also my name on Second Life).

Anonymous said...

I have decided on a twist of my own name, so my elvish name would be Deasar , Weaver of Lanat , maker of the precious trousers of rivendale

( lanat means clothes in elvish)

Jadielady said...

That's easy :) My Dark Age of Camelot character: Jadalyn Greenleaf!

Anonymous said...

My hobbit name is Marigold Moss of Lake by Downs. That is too long for my liking so I would prefer to be "Marigold Brandybuck". I loved Merry in the movies anyway.
My elvish name is "Enelya Nolatari".

Anonymous said...

Darnit. I need to edit mine. I meant to say "Marigold Brandycub" - close to Brandybuck, but not the same thing.

knittermom said...

Manwathiel is one name for "Kathryn" and it menas pure. but I like this one better; Inwë Carnesîr

wierkat said...

Well, being absolutely horrendous at coming up withnames for my alter egos, I used a name generator.

My hobbit name is Lila Loamsdown of Deephallow

and my elvish name is Linwe Saralonde

pengylady said...

"Tigerlily Danderfluff of Willowbottom" at your service. Got it from one of the name generators maybe 6 years ago & use it as one of my email identities. ::grin::

I see I might have a "relative" alittle higher up in the comments!

Tempe said...

Hobbit name - Molly Smallburrows

Elvish name - Nienna Surion

Elemmaciltur said...

Errrr....can I use my own Quenya screen name? If yes, it's Elemmaciltur Rilmavilyawa:

elen = Star
macil = Sword
-tur = (particle) master

rilma = glittering light
vilya = sky, air
-wa = genitive particle

So, the name translates to:

Elemmaciltur = Master of the Star-Sword

Rilmavilyawa = Glittering light in the Sky

Elemmaciltur said...

Ps. Just wanted to explain why it's not *Elenmaciltur.

There are quite a few rules as how compound pronouns can be built in Quenya. In this case, the last letter of the first noun "Elen" ends with an "n" and the first letter of the second noun starts with an "m" (Macil)...thus the rule says that the "n" of the first noun would 'melt' into the first letter of the second noun. ;-)

There are more rules, but that would just get too complicated. :-p

Anonymous said...

Oooh I'll play!

Alatariel Súrion

I don't know what it translates to, I also succumbed to the elivish name generator. I had a name when I played D&D but I don't remember what it was. I like the sound of my new one though :)

~~Erin D.

Anonymous said...

Back again. They actually have names already tranlsated into elvish, so my name was lucky enough to have been previously translated.

Erin= Íverin

I guess it's phonetically similar.

~~Erin D.

Anonymous said...

I used one of the websites to generate an Elvish name and came up with: Elvithrarith Undómiel. Anyone know what it translates to?


Rachel said...

Hobbit name: Tigerlily Burrows
Elf name: Tamuríl Sáralondë

Yarnfae said...

Elvish Name: Aithne (celtic for little fire). I like celtic names for elves.

Hobbit name: Willow Moonflower. (Willow because it is my favorite tree and moonflower I stole from a friend who uses it to explain how pale she is and that fits for me too)