Friday, April 3, 2009


If you haven't received your April shipment yet you might not want to look below. Its just a small spoiler about one of the extras.

The leaf pendants in your kits this month were made by a young woman named Emily. I discovered her at a small local fiber festival where she was selling her slab-work pottery at a booth with her family. I was so impressed with Emily's creativity, knowledge (both about her pottery and her other interests) and maturity. And as soon as I saw the leaf charms I knew they would be perfect for this club. I can see them used as necklaces or turned into a keychain or ornament. I hope you enjoy them!

Here is Emily's bio:

Emily Walls Ivy Meadow Farm

I am 16yrs. old, and I enjoy forming slab-work pottery. I hope you all enjoy your leaf pendants. Currently I am trying my hand at making clay beads and turning pottery on a wheel.

When not in school or making pottery, I can often be found outside with my animals. I raise German angora rabbits for their wool, which I handspin on my Ashford Traveller spinning wheel, and crochet into scarves. The mohair I spin comes from our three delightful angora goats. Ivy, my Saanen dairy goat, provides me with milk for soap and cheesemaking. My other interests include weaving rugs on a floor loom, baking, providing spinning demonstrations at local reenactments, and playing the piano. Some of my products are on display at

You can contact me at


Jadielady said...

Wow, what an impressive set of hobbies for a 16 year old! I love my leaf I've worn it since I opened the package yesterday :D
And I love the yarn too! Can't wait to finish with my hobbity elf gloves and then I will definitely cast this on for my "sitting at home" project.

Pamela said...

I love my leaf pendant. It is so elvish. My daughter tried to comandeer it, but I have it stashed away for now. As soon as spring really arrives in Ohio, I am wearing it!