Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Pattern that started it all....

If you have not recieved your October shipment, you may want to wait before reading this post....

In early 2007, I sat down to sketch out a sock design for a yarn company that was accepting submissions. I never sent those sketches. Because when I was done with my ideas, I did not want to give up copyrights to them. Instead of the intended recipient, I emailed The Unique Sheep and proposed a line of socks based on "The Lord of the Rings" series.
This month's shipment was the reason this sock club got started. My personal favorite, and the one I could not give up copyright to:


This design was inspired by the Elven realm of Lorien in JRR Tolkien’s "Lord of the Rings" Trilogy. Lorien was the home of the Lady of the Galadhrim, Lady Galadriel. In this sock, the Mallorn trees are represented by the long cables. The delicate star-shaped Elanor flowers are depicted in lace between the golden Mallorns. The gold of the sock is representative of the golden leaves of the trees.

When I was trying to sketch out a sock design, I was thinking of popular patterns of the time. Rivendell kept coming to mind; and I wondered why there wasn't a pattern for Lothlorien. This pattern was waiting, I think. It just materialized in my mind and my knitting so fast! I have never made up a unique stitch pattern so quickly before or since. The flowers turned out so exactly the way I envisioned them, it was amazing.

I really wanted to call the pattern "Lothlorien", but did some research on trademarks and copyrights, and decided that was probably not a good idea.
So here is Lorien. I hope you like it too.


Orghlaith said...

I love all the patterns and yarn. But this one is my favorite. Both the color and the pattern are great. Thank you. I do love this sock club. Can it continue? Perhaps you can make a pattern for each group, species, city (I can go on and on). Okay so that is asking for too much. But I am asking anyway.(grin).

Lobug said...

Orghlaith, Thank you!
I have so loved designing for this club! It IS continuing next year- although we haven't gone farther than that with it yet. You can go here for sign-ups: